Just got back from my date... Now I need advice

Her 328 e36 coupe is cool. She's the 5th owner and the car has 175,000mi on it and an auto, but it is still awesome. She's making it classier when she can. So far the car has an M3 bodykit, an M steering wheel, M wheels, she's removed tacky aftermarket window tint, and has more planned for it. Also, not to sound weird… » 8/29/14 6:34pm Friday 6:34pm

So I've figured out what college clubs to join

I am not going to join FSAE. I want to join Electric FSAE. The electric team is smaller and is about to start their second year. Also, instant torque! I also think I am going to join the enthusiasts club. They hold a car show every year and do autox. Lastly I want to join the trap and skeet club because why not? » 8/23/14 2:55pm 8/23/14 2:55pm