I mended something!

The brake system was in such worse shape than I thought. I had to entirely rebuild almost the entire thing... Without any new parts or money. Two pistons were completely stuck in the caliper - it took a punch to get them out. Awesomely the old seals were perfect. Thank god for the maintenance staff allowing me to use… » 1/15/15 10:32pm 1/15/15 10:32pm

PSA: Totally not cars and certainly not my business

I was going through some ancient computer files on my work drive trying to find access to a database I needed to get into and I found a folder of nothing but a woman's life problems and recipes for baked goods. The good news is my database was in the same folder! Watch what you put on public drives and learn to delete… » 1/08/15 8:29am 1/08/15 8:29am