Back from the show/parade

Didn't overheat, but there was visible heat waves coming out of the fender vents and the floor felt like it was on fire! Emma was a huge hit. Everyone I talked to has their own Firebird/Trans Am story, I heard everything from first car, my dad had one, lost my virginity in one (how?! There is no room!), and even I… » 7/20/14 12:35am Sunday 12:35am

Emma made a friend

Saw this coming into the car show I was at last night as I was leaving. I had to turn around. A GSC Trans Am. The Indianapolis based company built 4 cars and went out of business. The guy who owns this one has a second. All decals are hand painted, sports a supercharged LS engine, carbon fiber bits everywhere, and an… » 7/19/14 11:53am Saturday 11:53am

My old high school car club called me tonight...

And invited me to a car show. even better was there was free food! Pics tomorrow. A car showed up right as I was leaving and I just had to turn around, you can guess what it was. I met a crazy rich man who is big into Trans Ams (story tomorrow) and is downsizing his parts stash, hopefully deals are to be found. » 7/19/14 1:36am Saturday 1:36am

Being young sucks sometimes

Insurance on the Trans Am is $800/year. And that's classic insurance with a mileage limit of 4,000 and it only covers $15,000. It's cheaper than regular insurance, but still! It's not quite fair. I am a good driver but get penalized for others in my age group. Insurance companies suck. Edit: CLASSIC CAR INSURANCE! NOT… » 7/16/14 6:45pm 7/16/14 6:45pm